Specialty coffee beans expertly roasted to lock in flavour, delivered to your door, fast.

You don’t have to leave your home – or even get out of your pjs - to enjoy your favourite coffee. We sell our specialty beans online, so you can always have your favourite Will & Co coffee on hand.

We ship most orders within one to two business days, plus, if you spend more than $48 (one big bag will get you there), postage is free Australia-wide.

What better reason to stock up or give a mate a gift?

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Why Choose Will & Co Specialty Grade Coffee?

As specialty coffee roasters, our coffee is used by a bunch of the best cafes across Australia, including North Bondi’s Porch & Parlour and Pasture of Balmoral in Mosman. Luckily you don’t need to travel to these spots to get your coffee fix – our beans are available to order online, with a selection of different origins, roasts and tasting notes so you can choose the one that speaks to you. 

Whether that’s a single origin or a signature blend (see this link for the difference between coffee blends and single origins), one that works better with milk or is bang on as a black coffee, with notes of dark chocolate or maybe blackberry, we’ve got you.

For more on choosing the right coffee beans, see How to choose the best coffee beans for your favourite brew.

Every bag of Will & Co coffee is expertly roasted at our state-of-the-art Sydney facility, then nitrogen flushed to make sure they’re mighty fresh upon arrival.

Specialty grade means the highest quality coffee beans you can purchase. There is a whole process dedicated to testing and cupping specialty grade coffee.

Pro tip: insist on buying Arabica, not Robusta beans. The latter cannot be classed as 'specialty'.

Want to learn why true coffee lovers demand speciality coffee? See, What's all the fuss about specialty coffee?

How We Roast and Deliver High-Quality, Fresh Coffee Beans

We go to the ends of the planet to source the best specialty coffee - from beans grown in the fertile volcanic soils of Guatemala to top-tier Arabica beans from Zimbabwe. Each cherry is handpicked at ideal ripeness and samples are tested prior to shipment and again once they arrive. If they’re not up to scratch, we reject them, only accepting the best coffee beans that meet the parameters we’ve set out.

As for roasting, Will & Co has one of the most advanced roasting facilities in the southern hemisphere, and we go the extra mile with every step. Prior to roasting, we clean, de-stone and pass the coffee through a metal detector to remove any foreign objects from origin. We then measure the moisture content of the green coffee beans and adjust our roasting parameters accordingly to ensure optimum flavour. We use Probat Drum roasters which use a slower, more controlled method of roasting to deliver a consistent profile every time.

Are you a café? Learn why we're one of Australia's fastest growing wholesale coffee suppliers.

As a final step, we add a spray of nitrogen to reduce any remaining oxygen, and then the coffee is quickly packed into air-tight bags with a one-way valve to continue releasing CO2 gases, so it’s fresh-as upon opening – and excellent-as-can-be when you prepare your cuppa.

Keen to learn more about our roasting process? Check out our coffee roasting page.

How to Brew Coffee with Roasted Beans at Home

Once your roasted coffee beans have been delivered to your door, it’s time to grind and prepare them for the brew. Brewing is an art in itself, but it’s not as complex as you might think, and it’s definitely worth learning if you want to maximise the taste of your specialty beans - especially if you've gone all out and bought an automatic coffee machine.

To get you started, here are some fail-safe brewing tips for a high quality coffee:

  • Use cold, filtered water
  • Preheat your brewing equipment with a rinse of hot water
  • Grind your beans as you need them for the freshest brew
  • Ensure the water is hot enough for extraction – the ideal temperature is between 92-96C depending on your brewing method
  • Enjoy your coffee as you like it – black, sweet, or creamy.
  • For an extra indulgent cappuccino, dust your milk coffee with our Drinkin' & Sprinklin' drinking chocolate (you can thank us later)

For more tips and tricks, check out our video Brewtorials. We teach you how to make coffee using a French Press plunger, on the stovetop, using the Aeropress, pour overs, and our new Coffee Concentrate.

There's also Will's tips on how to brew great tasting coffee at home, or why not check out this post on how to make cold brew coffee.

Why Buy Coffee Beans Online?

It’s super easy to order coffee beans online. Just pick your favourite beans, chuck in your address and they’ll be delivered straight to your door, no matter where you live in Australia. Easy as.

We're always delivering our coffee products to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, and everywhere in between. This means fast delivery of our freshly roasted coffee beans.

Want to make things even easier? Sign up for a coffee bean subscription to make sure you never run out of beans again. With a Will & Co subscription, you can get your coffee beans delivered right to your door, right when you need them. Choose from a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly subscription to start and amend as needed once you’re signed up. You’ll also get 30% off the regular price for the life of your subscription, and you can make changes to, pause or cancel your subscription at any time. No strings attached. Still not convinced? See our blog post Are Coffee Subscriptions Worth It?

One last thing - if you’re unsure whether to buy coffee beans or ground, we’d always recommend beans so you can grind what, how and when you need.

To learn more about coffee bean and coffee ground freshness, check out our blog post, How long do coffee beans last?.