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Are Coffee Subscriptions Worth It?

on Sep 25, 2023

Coffee subscriptions have revolutionised the way people enjoy their daily brew. If you’re someone who values convenience, quality and affordability – not to mention, damn fine speciality coffees – this blog post is for you.

Have you ever desperately needed a pick me up at home only to realise you don’t have any coffee? Imagine having your favourite coffee freshly roasted and delivered right to your doorstep on a regular basis - weekly, fortnightly or monthly so you never run out. The dream, right?

At Will & Co, we understand the importance of a perfect cup of coffee. It’s not just about the caffeine kick – it’s about the ritual, the aroma, the taste and the moment of calm that a great coffee brings to your busy day. 

But the question remains: are coffee subscriptions worth it? In this blog, we’ll dive into how they work, the benefits of a regular supply of coffee and how a coffee subscription might just be the smartest way to enjoy your favourite cuppa at home.

Will & Co beans available in our coffee subscription service

How Coffee Subscriptions Work

Generally, coffee subscriptions are a ‘set and forget’ solution for your caffeine needs. You get freshly roasted coffee beans automatically delivered to your door on your chosen schedule, plus access to exclusive offers and discounts as a thanks for your loyalty.

Different roasters offer various subscription formats, from fixed 3-, 6- or 12-month plans to pay-as-you-order options. Some coffee roasters allow you to pick your subscription products from their full range, while others curate set boxes.

Here at Will & Co, we want you to have full control over your subscription - allowing you to modify, pause or cancel at any time - so you can enjoy your coffee your way - and on your terms. 

The Benefits: 

Save time 

“Great service and the customer support is of a high standard. Getting coffee every month through a subscription has made life easier.” - Carolyn K.

One of the key perks of a coffee subscription is the time it saves in your daily routine - no more last-minute trips to the supermarket when you run out of fresh coffee beans.

You can say goodbye to the hassle of placing a new order online each time, too – orders are placed and dispatched automatically, ensuring you never run out of your favourite brew unexpectedly. We do the hard work so you can simply enjoy.

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Save money

Coffee subscriptions are also an ideal way to save money. We offer exclusive discounts and promotions for subscribers that aren’t available for one-off purchases. On top of that, by receiving exactly how much coffee you need, exactly when you need it, there’s less chance of your coffee (and money) going to waste. 

At Will & Co, we offer our highest discount to our legendary subscribers – we’re talking 30% off for the life of your coffee subscription. These cost savings mean it’s wins all round.

Stay caffeinated

“We love Will & Co beans, especially the Natural blend! It’s delicious and there’s a reason why we have a subscription!” - Sherrie N.

Regular deliveries mean you’ll never worry about running out of coffee. Even if you forget that your coffee supply is running low, your subscription won’t. You won’t have to swing by a café while you’re rushing to work, you won’t have to pay for express shipping to get your beans on time, and you’ll never, ever have to go without. 

Take full control

“We have been on a subscription service for a bit now and it is a very easy set and forget style. Plus, the coffee always tastes good” - Gavin M.

Will & Co believes in giving you the freedom to tailor your subscription to your preference - no lock-in contracts here. You can select from our entire range of coffee beans, ground coffee, Nespresso* compatible pods and Drinkin’ and Sprinklin’ Chocolate Powder to suit your taste preferences and home brewing methods.

If you’re keen to try out a few different blends, individual bags, or give a new brewing method a go, no dramas – you can swap your subscription plan at any time or add a one-time blend to your next order of delicious coffee.

Better yet, you can change the quantity and delivery frequency whenever you like, skip orders if you’re heading out of town, or cancel your subscription at any time if circumstances change – the choice is all yours, no strings attached.

Coffee subscriptions vs buying at cafes or your local supermarket

Now that we’ve covered the key benefits, let’s compare subscriptions with alternative ways of getting your daily caffeine fix.

Local coffee roasters and cafes offer fresh beans and will often grind them for you, but they may lack convenience and variety and can take extra time out of your day. 

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Supermarkets are convenient if you simply add the coffee into your weekly shop, but they may not provide the same freshness or premium options from roasters - it's harder to find single origin and other speciality coffee varieties.

When it comes to convenience, saving time and money, and making sure you never run out, a coffee subscription is the way to go. In fact, we’d say it's a no-brainer.

So, is a coffee subscription service worth it?

Absolutely. Coffee subscriptions offer a hassle-free, cost-effective and customisable way to enjoy quality coffee. The convenience, savings and full control they provide make them a super-worthy choice for any coffee lover.

Ready to take the plunge and discover the benefits of a Will & Co coffee subscription for yourself? Don’t miss out – try our coffee subscription service today and elevate your coffee experience to a whole new level. Your perfect cuppa awaits.