Specialty coffee roasted, ground, nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed for optimum freshness.

Recreate your café experience at home with our specialty coffee blends. Our ground coffee is roasted in-house here in Sydney, then nitrogen-flushed and vacuum-sealed to lock in mighty fine flavour and freshness.

We’re always searching for ways to enhance the coffee experience, and that includes making the best fresh ground coffee on the planet, period. That’s why we put so much love into our coffee – it’s a lot of work, but absolutely worth it. When you open a pack of our pre-ground coffee, you’re going to get a delectable aroma, balanced flavour, and beach-side vibes, no matter which blend you choose.

Whether you’re looking for a vibrant, full bodied morning brew at home or a silky, milk-friendly blend for evenings around the campfire, we’ll make sure you get to savour the magic of specialty coffee with every sip.

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How We Deliver High-Quality, Fresh Ground Coffee

Achieving that perfect cup is a mix of science and art, and for us it all starts at origin.

We source our mighty fine coffee beans from the world’s top growing regions, from green coffee beans grown in rich volcanic soil in Guatemala to some pretty high-grade Arabica from Zimbabwe. Each coffee cherry is carefully monitored and picked at peak ripeness for optimum flavour. It's a lot of work, but we believe it's worth it.

Working closely with growers is really important to us - it enables us to make sure we’re purchasing the best specialty coffee beans possible. We test and cup pre-shipment samples, and once we receive a shipment, we test the coffee beans once more, only selecting those that meet our standards. Our brew team spends a lot of time cupping, sampling, tasting, roasting, brewing and tweaking until the coffee is as close to perfect as possible.

Next, we roast the coffee beans in-house at our state-of-the-art roastery here in Bondi, Sydney, NSW which is considered one of the best facilities in the Southern Hemisphere, using high-tech Probat Drum roasters that use a slower, more controlled process for a consistent roast to ensure your coffee is damn fine, every time.

Did you know we're a coffee wholesaler, too?

Then, we grind the coffee beans to achieve a uniform size. A consistent grind size is key to creating an impeccable cup of coffee. Once the coffee is ground, we use nitrogen flushing to remove any oxygen from the bag, and then vacuum seal the coffee before sending it to your doorstep. This is why our ground coffee tastes so fresh, no matter how wild the ride from our roastery to your home.

How to Brew the Best Cup of Coffee

Whether you like to sip with your mates under the sun or in the quiet of your home, it’s the brew that makes everything come alive. That’s why mastering your brewing technique is worth it. The rich aroma and soft finish of a shot of espresso or a good cup of filter coffee can take your day from good to great.

So, how can you create the perfect home brew with fresh ground coffee? Here are our expert tips on achieving a sublime cup, every time.

1. Start with cold, filtered water

2. Preheat your brewing gear - French Press Plunger, AeroPress, V60 - by rinsing it with hot water

3. Use fresh ground coffee that’s suitable for your brewing method

4. Make sure your water is hot enough for extraction – too low, and you won’t get the distinct flavours, too high, and your coffee might taste bitter. The sweet spot is about 96 degrees Celsius

5. Enjoy it your way: black, sweet or creamy

We’ve created some brewtorial videos to help make it super simple, a guide to choosing the best coffee beans, Will's tips for brewing specialty coffee at home. and our latest post on how to make perfect cold brew coffee.

When to Buy Pre-Ground Coffee

No matter which way you brew or what equipment you use - an espresso machine, plunger, V60 or something else - grind size is critical. High quality grinders can get you the size grounds you need but are often expensive. If you don’t have a high-quality grinder at home or you’re on the go, pre-ground coffee is usually an easier option.

Check out our ground coffee subscription options and our post on why coffee subscriptions are totally worth it!

When you buy fresh ground coffee, you get a consistent grind size, which leads to a better-balanced cup and a happier human. This is because, with a uniform grind size, the compounds in your coffee dissolve at the same rate.

When you have an inconsistent grind, the compounds will infuse into the water at random times, so it’s harder to control the flavour and create the right balance of acidity, sweetness and bitterness that is essential to a great cup of coffee.

Buying ground coffee is also a smooth move if you don't feel like grinding your beans yourself. When you start with fresh ground coffee, you can simplify your morning routine and still get the same, phenomenal coffee experience.