Will & Co Coffee

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A lighter roast, designed to allow the unique flavours of each of the regions to shine. The Brazil lays the base of caramel sweetness & buttery smoothness, before the delicate blackberry notes of the Colombian envelope the palate. The soft, crisp citrus flavours of the Zimbabwean provide a clean & balanced finish to the cup.

A gentle roast of three of the world's finest Arabica growers delivers a cup with light, clean body and vibrant acidity.

Zimbabwe, Colombia, Brazil.

Mixed (Natural & Washed).

Light - Medium.

Tasting Notes
Blackberry, Roasted Peanut, Lemon Zest and Caramel.

Best Suited 
Our go-to for long black’s, top notch for filter coffee and cold brew. This vacuum sealed pack has been ground to suit French press and AeroPress brew methods.

Sourcing & Roasting
It all starts at the origin so we scour the globe to source the worlds finest coffee. We believe the extra effort is worth it. Our roastery is pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves. Considered one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the Southern Hemisphere, it houses our ‘Big Dog’ Probat Drum roasters which use a slower more controlled method of roasting to ensure that our coffee is damn fine every time.