Pour Over Coffee

Watch our instructional video of how to use the new Will&Co Pour Over Coffee Bags.

You Need:

1 x Will & Co brewer bag
1 x large cup
1 x Kettle


1. Get a large tall cup and turn the kettle on
2. Rip open the foil to remove the brewer bag
3. Carefully tear along the perforated line at the top to expose the coffee
4. Pull the paper handles out sideways and place them over the rim of the cup
5. With water fresh off the boil, slowly pour hot water inside of the brewer bag onto the coffee in a circular motion. Fill to the brim and allow coffee to ‘bloom’ for 30 seconds.
6. Allow the water to drain through the bag into the cup
7. Repeat this step again pouring water onto the coffee around the insides of the bag
       a. (Don’t worry if the bag is sitting in water – it will simply give you stronger brew)
8. Repeat once more or until your cup is full
9. Finish the process in under 3 minutes