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Introducing Will & Co’s New Super Luxe Limited Edition Single Origin

on Mar 01, 2024

At Will & Co, we take our coffee pretty damn seriously. So, when we had a chance to snatch up a super limited, super luxe Colombia Gesha, we couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough. We’ve had our eyes on these green beans for a little while, waiting for juuuust the right time to roast and launch them – and what better time than as a close-out to our 10-year celebrations? 

From the next-level tin design to the insanely good coffee inside it, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about this epic limited-edition release. Get your hands on one quick – these babies will soon be flying off the shelves. 

Looking for our recommended brew method and parameters? Click here to jump down to the recipe. 

About Colombia Gesha

This single origin is a limited edition, exotic micro-lot of Gesha from Colombia. Gesha (sometimes spelt Geisha) is an exceptionally high-quality varietal and is often considered one of the best-tasting coffee varietals in the world.

It’s expertly produced by Humberto Calderon in the Pitalito, Huila region, where the perfect combination of climate and growing conditions – such as volcanic ash soil, optimum rainfall levels, high altitude and moderate temperatures – make for beans with a delightful, unmatched flavour profile. 

Throw in an intricate process of handpicking to select only the ripest and finest cherries; anaerobic pressing to ferment the cherries and allow complex flavours to develop; and sun drying until ideal moisture levels are achieved – the resulting flavour is unreal. 

Gesha has a beautifully balanced sweet flavour profile, complimented by floral aroma and bright acidity. With this Colombian Gesha, expect a top-notch coffee with tasting notes of delicate jasmine florals caramel, and sweet red apple to finish.

Behind the Design 

When it came to designing the packaging for this super luxe release, we wanted to create something unique with a premium feel that was undoubtedly Will & Co and reflected the local culture of Colombia. 

For the creative, there was no question about engaging legendary artist Chris Nixon, aka our longtime mate and guru behind the murals at our HQ Tasting Bar in Bondi, our 10-year anniversary takeaway cups and heaps of other Will & Co’s memorable designs and merch over the years. 

The brief was to capture the vibe of the region in which the coffee was grown while maintaining the local essence of Will & Co, and Chris nailed it. The design has a classic coastal feel and seamlessly integrates references to Colombia’s stunning flora, fauna and landscape.

“It was cool to integrate some new graphics into the design to reflect the local flavour of Colombia, like the toucan, the palms and the volcano,” Chris said. “Working to a limited palette allowed for interest and bright accents of colour while still conveying coastal contemporary vibes that are synonymous with the Will & Co visual identity.” 

Not only is the design stunning, but the tin itself is very versatile. Once you’ve enjoyed every last bean inside, it’s ready to be used as a succulent vase, a unique piece of decor or a travelling coffee container. How good.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Colombia Gesha Beans

With super premium releases like Colombia Gesha – or any single origin, really – we recommend going for a filter brew. More specifically, we recommend V60, which is a relatively inexpensive and simple brewing method that really allows you to savour and enjoy the more subtle tasting notes of these coffees.  

Dripper and server sets are on option, or you can just opt for the dripper and use whatever serving vessel you please. If you’re keen to set yourself up to start brewing V60s, check out our brew gear here. 

And now, here’s our recommended step-by-step guide to get the most out of this limited edition single origin coffee: 

What You’ll Need: 

  • 20g medium ground coffee (think grounds similar in size to granulated sugar)
  • 300g filtered water, just off the boil 
  • V60 dripper 
  • V60 paper filter 
  • V60 server or cup 


  1. Grind your Colombia Gesha coffee beans to a medium coarseness and bring your filtered water to a boil
  2. Preheat your dripper, server and/or cup by rinsing with hot water
  3. Wash your paper filter with hot water and place it inside the dripper
  4. Add the freshly ground coffee to the paper filter
  5. Slowly pour just 60g of hot water and cover the coffee grounds over the course of the first 45 seconds. You’ll notice the grounds start to bubble as they release CO2, then form a crust – this is called “blooming.” Let them bloom for approx 30 seconds
  6. Continue to brew by slowly pouring water over the grounds in a circular motion in 60g increments, resting for 30 seconds between each
  7. Repeat step six until you reach 300g of water – aim for under 3 minutes
  8. Sit back, relax and indulge in this delectable coffee


If you’re a coffee lover, don’t miss out on this opportunity to try some of the best beans in the world – not to mention the ace limited-edition tin designed by our mate Chris Nixon. These won’t be around long, so head over here asap to snag one for yourself – and a couple more for your coffee-loving besties.