When we sat down to discuss how to celebrate 10 years of Will & Co, we knew we wanted to do something big – something special – to say thank you to all you home-brewing legends out there for being part of the journey.

Nothing makes us happier than you, our mates, enjoying damn fine specialty coffee, which is why we’re stoked to be giving away a top-notch home espresso machine to help take one lucky winner’s game to the next level – because let’s be honest, few things in life are better than enjoying cafe-quality coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Now, let's make this celebration one for the books. Check out the FAQs below and full T&Cs here.

And the winner is...
Dane J - NSW 2790



Participating is a breeze. Simply make any purchase on our website from now until 30 November, and voilà, you'll automatically be entered into the giveaway – no minimum spend required.

We've made it as easy as enjoying your favourite cup of Will & Co coffee.



One lucky winner will receive a custom La Marzocco Linea Micra adorned with Will & Co's signature blue hue and elegant timber handles and details, courtesy of Specht Design.  

This epic prize also comes with a year's supply of our finest beans, ensuring your brewing game stays on point all year long.


How do I enter?

Make any purchase on the Will & Co website from 10 October – 30 November and you’ll automatically be entered to win. Easy peasy.

Do I have to spend a certain amount?

Nope, any purchase is a valid entry – no matter how big or small.

Can I enter multiple times?

You bet. Each purchase counts as one entry, so feel free to make as many purchases as you'd like.

I’m a subscriber – will my subscription orders be counted as entries?

Absolutely. Your subscription orders are our favourite entries.

Do purchases from the Will & Co HQ Tasting Bar, Woolies, or local cafes count?

Unfortunately not. This giveaway is exclusively for online purchases via our website.

If I make a return, does my purchase still count as an entry?

If you make a partial return, that purchase still counts as an entry. However, a full return or order cancellation won't count.