A lot has gone into building Will & Co, so we’ll try to keep it brief



.........we’re a little passionate, so sometimes we get carried away.  


Founded in 2013 by lifelong mates Ro, Sam and Rich. Through their unique blend of experience – Ro with his proud coffee history having grown up in the coffee world; Sam with his love of surf and design (he’s the man behind The Critical Slide Society); and Rich who, with his brother Sam, started Capital Brewing and Batlow Cider – the trio set out to combine two of the best things Australia has to offer – its coastal lifestyle and rich cafe culture


Things started off small, supplying coffee to local cafes owned by friends, including Porch & Parlour (still a partner today) and collaborating with Aussie artists (still a massive passion of ours) capturing the local cultural movement happening across Australia at the time.

A year or so later they got some skin in the game and opened their first pop up cafe above a surf store on Hall Street in Bondi which was created to bring the local community together. It was a tranquil space which became the meeting point for locals, likeminded creatives and a place for out-of-towners to experience the coastal cafe lifestyle.


Soon after (and with a lot of hustle) the boys started supplying more cafe’s around Sydney and eventually bigger names such as Merivale and worked with them to open up a flagship espresso bar on George Street in Sydney.

When Sam and Rich decided to focus on their surf, booze and fashion ventures Ro introduced another childhood mate, Josh and his close friend Anthony to take the reigns and launch Will & Co’s new Bondi headquarters. The rest as they say is history.

Today, you’ll find Will & Co coffee at special spots all around the country. These places – the “& Co'' part of the name – are a big part of Will & Co’s story and we love that fact we can be apart of your morning ritual or your roadie with mates.