The team behind Will & Co is small but mighty.
Along with Ro, Sam and Rich who founded the brand, here are a few key people keep the wheels turning:


Buddies Josh and Anthony are in the driver’s seat. Will & Co’s ethos is built on their mateship and their friendship with their cafe partners. Their buddy Leigh Bedwell is the head honcho of roasting – he’s up there with the best in the game. 


A bunch of Australian artists are involved, too; Will & Co is just as much about creativity, style and promoting local talent as it is about coffee. One long-term brand partner is extremely talented Chris Nixon, whose artwork is splashed across Will & Co’s Bondi HQ and gear. Bondi local Steve Smith has also been on board since the get-go – his old-school sign-writing skills are unmatched.  


That’s the “Will” part. The “& Co” is you guys – the legends that use and drink our coffee. 

Want to know why our coffee is so good?