Ground Specialty Coffee - Will & Co Coffee
Ground Specialty Coffee - Will & Co Coffee
Ground Specialty Coffee - Will & Co Coffee
Ground Specialty Coffee - Will & Co Coffee
Ground Specialty Coffee - Will & Co Coffee

Ground Specialty Coffee

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Specialty coffee roasted, ground, nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed for optimum freshness.


Our signature "Eight-o-Eight" (808) blend is a carefully sourced blend of 100% Arabica beans from Guatemalan & Brazilian origins. Our Guatemalan beans are grown at high altitude in rich, fertile volcanic soil between the Agua, Fuego & Acatenango volcanoes in Antigua. Our Brazilian beans are sourced from the tropical savannah regions renowned for their premium quality. This results in a medium-dark bodied, finely balanced blend with a sweet floral aroma, crisp acidity & caramel finish. Read More

A carefully balanced roast from some of the world's best Arabica growers. A high proportion of washed Arabica provides bright, elegant, vibrancy layered with bold natural Brazil resulting in a sweet cup to be enjoyed with milk or as a black coffee. Read More.

A beautifully developed medium-dark roast of Central & South America's finest specialty coffee. This blend carries a slightly floral aroma with a crisp apple like acidity balanced with heavier notes of caramelised hazelnuts & dark chocolate caramelised almonds. She's a real crowd pleaser. Read More.

A lighter roast, designed to allow the unique flavours of each of the regions to shine. The Brazil lays the base of caramel sweetness & buttery smoothness, before the delicate blackberry notes of the Colombian envelope the palate. The soft, crisp citrus flavours of the Zimbabwean provide a clean & balanced finish to the cup. Read More.


Will & Co was formed by a group of lifelong coffee loving friends together with over 50 years coffee & cafe experience, complimentary skills & the ambitions to create a unique culture of coffee. Our goal is to create something special in each & every part of the coffee process, from sourcing the best quality green beans through to delivery into cup.





Producing quality coffee is the foundation of everything we do. We consistently get this right & everything flows from there.





We understand that the way people appreciate coffee is about much more than the contents of a cup. Style of service, site, location, design, furniture and price are some of the additional factors that influence the way people connect with the environments that serve our coffee.




We master the art & science of sourcing, roasting, blending & making the best coffee & we openly share our knowledge with our customers so people can get the ultimate enjoyment out of their favourite drop/brew/extraction.

French Press

A step by step guide on how to make French Press / Plunger coffee with Josh

Stove Top

A step by step guide on how to make Stove Top coffee with Anthony


A step by step guide on how to make AeroPress coffee with Josh

Pour Overs

A step by step guide on how to make a Will & Co Pour Over
Our approach to coffee is a mix of play and passion. Behind every cup of Will & Co, there’s a group of self-confessed coffee geeks looking to perfect the art of every blend and roast. When we say Will & Co is a culture of coffee from the ground up, we mean it literally. So for us it all starts with the origin. Our green bean team go to the ends of the planet to find the best producers and source the best specialty coffee. What can we say – we’re extremely particular.

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