Coffee – Origins & Coffee Types


Functional Aim: Knowledge to better choose coffee in line with personal tastes. More enjoyment, more valuable experience.

Emotional Aim. Empowerment, Enjoyment, Self Esteem, Brand Connection. Our aim here is to enhance the coffee experience by providing customers with an additional layer of understanding about their choosing and tasting. The value exchange will be rewarded with a deeper consumer-brand connection.

Structure: Into explaining the general importance of origin and varietal in approachable, inclusive language. Then on to the what why and how

Bean What beans and varietals do we use?

Origin Where are the beans are from. The geographical location and geographical characteristics of the region & it’s climate.

Characteristics How do these characteristics affect the coffee plant. What this does affects the physical aspects of the bean, its growth and the product.

Taste How these elements affect the taste of the blend and the overall profile of the blend.


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Coffee – Processing & Roasting


Functional Aim: Brand Control. Craft our Narrative. Differential and elevate our brands above competitors. Champion the consumer positives of our connection to Vittoria ( no need to actually mention Vittoria, just the facilities and expertise) Emotional Aim: Empowerment through knowledge. Brand trust and Security around superior quality processes. Fulfilment in premium choices.

At Origin: Explain different washing and processing techniques. Again, intro, what they are, how they affect the beans and how this impacts the taste of our specific coffee. Photos from the origin where ever possible In Australia This is where we want to really stand out and start to champion our processes above speciality competitors.

A large differentiator within speciality coffee is being able to taste the origin. Our roasting partner was super proud to say we can access premium technology that simply isn’t available to other speciality coffee brands. This collaboration gives our customers an unrivalled speciality coffee experience.

Here is what we do, why it makes a difference, how is affect taste and quality.


Do pre batch testing, Keep retention samples. Etc etc


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