on Jun 28, 2022

How to make stovetop coffee at home or on the road

Ready to give stovetop coffee a go? Then you've come to the right place.

Stovetop coffee produces a thick, viscous and perfectly dense coffee with a velvety crema. This brew method is ideal for outdoor activities like camping, beachside or when you're on the road.

We'll teach you how to brew delicious coffee with a stovetop coffee maker in our step by step guide. Alternatively, you can watch Anthony's tutorial video here:

How long will it take?

Stovetop coffee takes about 4 minutes brewing time + prep

How much will it cost?

Moka pots (premium stovetop coffee makers) usually run from $20-$50.

What items will I need?

  • Moka pot
  • 18 grams (3 tbsp) fresh coffee beans or coffee grounds
  • Hand grinder (if starting with beans)
  • Hot water (just off the boil at 94-96 degrees celsius)
  • Stovetop cooker or gas stove with a grate
  • Coffee cup
  • Spoon
  • Cloth

Steps to brew a stovetop coffee:

Step 1 - Prep 18 grams (3 tbsp) of ground coffee

We recommend starting with fresh beans every time. However, if you don't have access to a grinder or want to make your coffee brewing experience even easier, pre ground coffee that's vacuum sealed is the way to go, and you'll still make a delicious cup of coffee.

If using beans, grind them to a uniform medium-fine grind size, similar to table salt.

Step 2 - Add water to the bottom chamber

Remove the filter basket, then pour hot water just off the boil into the bottom coffee chamber. Be careful not to fill past the safety valve at the top of the bottom chamber.

Next, gently place the filter basket back into the brew chamber.

Step 3 - Add ground coffee to the basket

Take the 18 grams (3 tbsp) of ground coffee and fill the filter basket. Even out the grounds as you go, but don't tamp them down as they need room to expand.

Step 4 - Assemble the moka pot

Use a cloth to hold the bottom chamber while you screw on the top half or top chamber of the moka pot. The cloth will protect your hand from the heat of the water in the bottom chamber.

Step 5 - Ignite your stove cooker to a low setting

Place the moka pot on the stove to start brewing. Keep a close eye on it as the brewing process only takes around a minute to complete.

Curious how the brewing process works? The hot water in the bottom chamber forces steam towards the funnel, through the ground coffee and up again through the central column into the top chamber.

Step 6 - Take Moka pot off the heat

After approximately one minute, coffee will emerge from the spout. Once the bubbling has stopped, turn off the heat. and remove your moka pot from the stovetop.

Step 7 - Pour and serve

Get your cup, pour in your freshly brewed coffee, and enjoy!

Now you know how to brew coffee using a stovetop espresso maker.