on Jun 28, 2022

How to make pour over coffee

The pour over coffee brewing method is a great way to enjoy filter coffee and is done by pouring hot water through coffee grounds in a paper filter.

Pour over brewer bags, affectionately known as coffee parachutes, take filter coffee to another level by making it accessible no matter where you find yourself. Each brewer bag contains a paper filter with handles to attach to your cup and enough pre ground coffee to brew a great cup.

With our pour over kits, you can enjoy a premium, smooth tasting filter coffee on the go without the need to grind coffee beans or use elaborate brewing equipment.

Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to make pour over coffee with our Will & Co pour over kits. Or, watch our quick and easy brewtorial below:

How long will it take?

It takes less than 5 minutes to make pour over coffee with our kits. You'll be sipping delicious brewed coffee in no time.

How much will it cost?

Will & Co pour overs start at $9.50 for a pack of 5 brewer bags. That's only $1.90 per coffee.

What items will you need?

  • Large mug or cup
  • Brewer bag - check out pour over coffee range
  • Hot water (just off the boil at 94-96 degrees celsius)
  • Scale (this is optional, but can help you make your pour over coffee more exact)
  • Timer (again, optional)

Step by step guide to making pour over coffee

Step 1 - Prep for your pour over coffee by boiling water

Personally, we love this pour over kettle from Fellow Stagg. It has a bunch of awesome features that allow you to be more precise, like the precision gooseneck spout that helps you evenly pour the hot water to saturate all coffee grounds.

Step 2 - Grab a brewer bag

Gently tear open the foil pouch and remove the brewer bag inside. The foil helps keep the coffee fresh until you're ready to brew.

Step 3 - Open the brewer bag

Carefully tear along the perforated line at the top of the bag to open the filter and expose the coffee.

Now, you'll be able to pull out the paper handles on the sides, placing them over the rim of the cup to lock your pour over in place.

Step 4 - Begin the brewing process

Slowly pour hot water fresh off the boil into the brewer bag in a circular motion to cover all the coffee grounds.

Fill the bag all the way to the top.

If you have a scale and timer handy and want to do some more precise brewing, pour 50g of water over the coffee grounds for 30 seconds.

Step 5 - Let the water drain

Pause and wait for all the water to drain from the brewer bag into your cup.

Step 6 - Continue brewing

Again, slowly pour hot water into the brewer bag. As you pour, try to capture the coffee grounds stuck to the side of the brewer bag. Fill the bag to the brim and let it drain.

If you're using a scale and timer, follow the same 50g/30 second rule

Don’t worry if the bag is sitting in the coffee – it will simply give you a stronger brew.

Step 7 - Repeat once more or until your cup is full

Step 8 - Remove the bag and enjoy!

Now you have a perfect cup of pour over coffee, ready to be enjoyed wherever you find yourself.